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Stand-up Zip Lock Pouches

Lamizip “Colorax” Stand-up Pouches (Made in Japan)

​​“Colorax” Pouches comes in three colours (Red, Gold and Black)
​​These re-closable laminated pouches has the following special features
​​Japan patented "EZ Tear-Off Guidance" :- thin liner inside the flap portion of the bag, To make it easer for users to tear it off the bag.
​​R-notch portion is kept intact even after the bag is opened.
​​7-mu aluminum foil of these pouches. This is the key material to provide effective barriers against Moisture, Oxygen permeability, Light (UV) permeability.
​​These features of Lamizip "Colorax" pouch allow for the safe storage of your products
​​without compromising the light-weight durability of the laminated bag. 
​​Included is a round-bottom gusset that fully opens when the bag is filled, allowing them to
​​stand on their own. 
​​The bags can be repeatedly re-sealed with built-in re-closable zipper or
​​heat-sealed for extra security
​​Suitable for long term storage of items such as tea leaves, tea bags, coffee powder, spices
​​seasonings, nuts, snack food, supplemental food and medicine.
​​PET 12μ+ AL foil 7μ+ Sealant PE 20μ+ PE 60μ; Overall Film thickness=99μ
​​Available Sizes are
​​FLAP + E.D x W (Bottom Gusset)
​​32mm X 130mm X 100mm (30mm)
​​32mm X 160mm X 120mm (35mm)
​​32mm X 2000mm X 140mm (41mm)